2012 (Pilot Project)

“Traditional” Christmas Eve Galbi/갈비

Traditions are important in every culture, and as two come together, it’s a lovely thing to combine those cultures and create new traditions. Since the birth of our daughter, my husband and I have been even more conscious about integrating Korean and Canadian aspects into our daily lives, as well as throughout the holidays.  What’s our favourite treat? Galbi!  Slow cooked Korean short ribs, oh yum.  We have decided to save this “delicacy-to-us” dish for birthdays, and Christmas eve breakfast.  We always spend Christmas morning with my family, and of course have continued on with their traditions, and love every moment of it.  With that being said, our little family of three decided to spend Christmas Eve morning together, in our cozy little home, enjoying Galbi and Mandu together, each year.  It is so simple to make, and the excitement of waking up in the morning for a Galbi breakfast is almost as good as Christmas morning itself! Almost.


What you need:

2lbs of beef ribs

1/2C Soy Sauce

1/2C Brown Sugar

1.5C Water (I probably could have used slightly less)

1tsp fresh grated ginger

2 cloves of minced garlic

1T Sesame Oil

2 Green onions

What to do:

1. Mix the soy sauce, brown sugar, water, ginger, and sesame oil in the slow cooer

2. Rinse the ribs, and put them on the slow cooker.

3. Cook on low about 8 hours.

How easy is that?  Merry Christmas Eve!


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