Revolutionary Hype: My top 5 songs from G-Dragon’s COUP D’ETAT

Hello readers! First of all, my sincerest apologies for not blogging in a while! I’ve been really busy moving and getting settled in Toronto, and now with school going on, not as much time to blog. However, I really wanted to blog again, and recently one of KPOP’s biggest names dropped his 2nd full length studio album. Here with another top 5 pick post – my top 5 songs from G-Dragon’s COUP D’ETAT album!

Note: This review reflects only the personal views of this blogger.

Top 5 from COUP D’ETAT:

1) Coup D’Etat (ft. Diplo & Baauer)

This song serves as a powerful intro to the whole album. From the vocal sampling (“The revolution must not be televised, the revolution is in your mind”) to the hip-hop kicks underlying the drum and bass/house instrumentation laid out by two of Europe’s most well known producers, GD brings the beat in this song by also showing his versatility as an artist and as a producer.

2) Niliria (ft. Missy Elliott)

Take one of Korea’s hottest names and put him in a collaboration with one of the greatest names in American hip-hop, and what do you get? This awesome musical baby called “Niliria”. Fused with traditional Korean music, this KPOP/hip-hop banger dropped to critical acclaim as one of the best East meets West collaborations in the last few years. This is also testament to the star power that artists from YG Entertainment have when it comes to working with international artists.

3) R.O.D (ft. Lydia Paek)

This is probably one of the two most anticipated collaborations for me personally. Lydia Paek is not an unfamiliar name to YG stans all over. Originally a member of legendary hip-hop dance crew Quest Crew, she is now a choreographer, vocal trainer, producer and songwriter for YG Entertainment. Having worked on songs for 2NE1 and Lee Hi, she was given the honour to feature on this GD track, which has a very reggae feel to it. Again, also another sign of GD’s versatility as an artist.

4) Shake the World

One of the few songs on the album featuring just GD alone, this song was used as the promo for the album before it was released. It was a very dubstep/house feel to it, and was produced by GD and Choice37. It’s very upbeat and definitely a club banger.

5) I Love It (ft. Zion.T and Boys Noize)

The second most anticipated collab on this album by me, the infectious voice of Zion.T, the versatile production savvy of Boys Noize, and GD’s creativity gave birth to this little ditty that sounds like it’s playing homage to Motown-era Michael Jackson. Probably my favourite song off the album!

As you can tell, there is a big variety of genres covered in G-Dragon’s new album that showcase not only his versatility but his market value and his talent. World look out, GD is here!


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