New Year, Same Game, New Players: The Big 3 Set on KPOP Domination with New Debuts

2014 is turning out to be a big year for KPOP artists and fans alike so far – catchy new tunes, new groups and big news in abundance! But the biggest announcements of all, stemming from the end of last year, are the upcoming debuts of new groups from the Big 3.

For those of you who don’t know, the Big 3 is the combined nickname of the three most recognized and most popular entertainment agencies in the KPOP world – SM Entertainment (home to SNSD, Super Junior, SHINee, EXO), YG Entertainment (home to Big Bang, 2NE1, Lee Hi, PSY), and JYP Entertainment (home to 2PM, Wonder Girls, 2AM, miss A).

To make it easier for you guys to keep up with these announcements, here is my handy guide to the upcoming group debuts of 2014 from the Big 3!


1) JYP Entertainment



The powers that be behind the trademark songs with the “JYP” whisper at the beginning have big plans in store this year for JYP stand worldwide. The company announced late last year that in 2014 they are planning to debut three new groups. Two male, one female. While there is little information on the upcoming female group, fans already know plenty about the two male groups – GOT7, who recently debuted with their hit single “Girls Girls Girls”, and 5LIVE, who released an OST track near the end of last year.

While both groups have a difference in terms of style and concept, there is a lot of anticipation for both groups, as these will be the first new male groups debuted since 2008 (the year 2AM and 2PM debuted, and that’s not counting JJ Project in 2012).



2) SM Entertainment



While SM Entertainment has made no formal announcements about a new group debuting anytime this year (since they’re known for debuting artists once every few years rather than more often), they did reveal a new pre-debut group late last year – SM Rookies. A clever marketing ploy to generate hype for these up and coming trainees, SM is continuing to reveal more trainees every few weeks through this pre-debut group.

It doesn’t come without saying that some of these trainees have been seen in SM artists’ videos already and there is a good likelihood of at least one new artist debuting before the end of the year. SM, the anticipation is building!




3) YG Entertainment



Saving the best (and longest) for last, the most powerful and most popular of the three companies has announced some major news this year! YG has announced the comebacks for 2NE1, PSY, and BIGBANG; two major world tours – one for 2NE1, and one with the whole YG Family; and, the upcoming debut of four – count ’em – FOUR new groups! Of the four, the three most likely suspected for debut this year are WINNER (aka Team A of the “WIN” reality program), KPOP STAR season 2 winners Akdong Musician, and the rumoured YG girl group. Each team brings not only a unique style/concept, but their own set of expectations from the fans leading up to their debut. WINNER is said to be making their debut this month, while Akdong Musician and the YG girl group have yet to reveal any dates for debut.

The fourth suspected team to be making a debut this year is Team B from “WIN”. Papa YG, being the cleaver yet cryptic CEO he is, slyly shied away from mentioning if Team B was among the teams to debut this year during a recent press conference at the YG headquarters. That being said, YG has a busy year ahead of them, and if things go as planned, they will be getting a lot more attention globally and become a world power unto themselves in the process.




KPOP fans, you have a lot to look forward to this year from the Big 3! Each company is bringing different things to their groups and artists and promotional styles, but in the end this just means more KPOP for everyone. Which debuts are you looking forward to the most? Comment below! Until next time, thanks for reading! :)



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