Kye-Yeon Son – Korean Subtlety and North American Expressionism

Kye-Yeon Son

I was pleasantly introduced to Kye-Yeon Son’s work through a Youtube interview where she so modestly talks about her beautifully crafted work, passion radiating in her eyes with every carefully spoken word regarding her sculptures. The Seoul born and educated Canadian artist is a valued Professor in the Jewellery Department at NSCAD University in Halifax  and the 2011 winner of the prestigious Canada`s Art Council Saidye Bronfman Award for excellence in the fine crafts.

Kye-Yeon Son

Her delicate work reflecting a particularly sensible and gracious aesthetics, varies from utilitarian to purely artistic while encompassing an overwhelming ability of understanding the qualities of light and space.

Especially preoccupied with the visual potential of linear elements,  Kye-Yeon Son experiments with different metallic wire in order to create her wonderfully unique objects:  “Wire represents one of the basic visual elements, the line. Line creates movement through direction, space, volume and texture in my vessels. Marriage of tensile strength of wire and expressive quality of line allows me to capture essence of movement from nature and abstract ideas. Also, different metals in wire form provide their own challenges and limitations. Those lead me to exploration and discovery of innovative methods in the process of working.”

Kye-Yeon Son

The result is a charming blend of fine craft and product design that uniquely meet in her meticulously constructed vibrant structures.

Find out more about this Korean-Canadian artist here and watch the Youtube interview here.


By Dora Cruceru

Editor and Founder


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