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Dora Cruceru

Founder and Editor of A Drop of Indigo

han kyung woo

A Different Angle

If you have been a constant reader of my posts you might have observed how my research into Korean art led me to discover a multitude of artists preoccupied with the qualities of space surrounding us. Unlike the romanticized version of this almost introspective journey that you’d find […]

Sungseok Ahn

Past and Present

As a person that often feels more connected to the past than the future, I found it all too easy to relate to Sungseok Ahn’s work. His windows in time present us with a unique perspective on the transitory nature of our existence by simultaneously showing two realities […]

Jo In Hyuk

The Delicate Illustrations of Jo In Hyuk

A delicate representation of human nature at its best, that’s how I would describe Jo In Hyuk’s captivating illustrations. The minimalist yet powerful renditions manage to capture the fragility and beauty of youth caught in an all consuming space situated somewhere in between the innocence of childhood and […]

artwork by Sun K. Kwak

How To See Things Differently

I find myself constantly amazed at Korean modern artists and their unique perception of the world. Their preoccupation with notions of space and physics defy the limitations of art while at the same time creating a bridge between the flexibility of artistic thinking and scientific method. A refreshing […]

Jee Young Lee

Who Needs Photoshop?

In the light of the strongly debated overly photoshopped imagery out there, Jee Young Lee’s photography comes in like a breath of fresh air. The recent Seoul Hongik University graduate is presently considered one of the most promising and talked about modern Korean artists, differentiating herself from the […]

Yun-Woo Choi

Dare to Imagine

True creative genius depends on one’s ability to understand the complex potential of simple, basic things and to be able to project these complexities on scales others don’t even dare to imagine. With such abilities, it’s no wonder that Seoul educated and New York resident Yun-Woo Choi caught […]

seon ghi bahk


The cycle of life never had a deeper meaning than in the immaterial sculptures of Seon Ghi Bahk. Built on the concept of man’s transcending relationship with nature, his artistic concept carefully and beautifully encloses ideas of rebirth and recycling of matter. The Seoul born artist first started […]

The California Roll House by Christopher Daniels

The California Roll House

If you thought you have seen everything by now, prepare to have your mind blown away. This almost alien structure unfolding in front of you is not a vision from the future, but the genius endeavor of Korean architect Christopher Daniels. His efforts of conceiving a perfect prefab […]

Seung Yong Song


Some days, the more I look around me, the more I wish that everything had a purpose, and if not a purpose at least meaning. I know it’s kind of a big sentence to swallow on a Saturday afternoon, but wouldn’t it just be great if everything we […]

seoul fashion week 2014

Seoul Fashion Week 2014

It has been my opinion for a while now that something really noteworthy is happening in Korean fashion, and these street style photos from Seoul Fashion Week 2014 prove my point. I really missed seeing so much enthusiasm, creativity and fun in celebrating fashion, without that synthetic feeling […]

the man from nowhere

Movie Night

I recently got the free trial from the Canadian version of Netflix and I have to say that the only thing that pleasantly surprised me about it is the Korean movie selection. The other night I stumbled across The Man from Nowhere and it totally rocked my world […]

vegetarian pajeon recipe (korean pancakes)

Vegetarian Pajeon Recipe

My adventures in the kitchen usually consist of making a big mess, while my husband is running around with a wiping cloth, trying to contain the situation. It might sound like a chaotic ritual, but it’s mostly laughter and a lot of flour flying around. Our fun for […]

Choi Jeong Hwa

What Makes Us Happy

I spend so much time lately thinking about what is it that really makes us happy. I find that most of the time the sensitive balance that gives us happiness is a very hard thing to comprehend and on other occasions we are able to find bliss in […]

2013 Seoul Fashion Week F/W

2013 Seoul Fashion Week

In anticipation for the 2013 Seoul Fashion Week S/S I thought I would prepare myself by browsing some of the street fashion from earlier this spring and I am glad I did so because I was, once again, pleasantly surprised by the truly effortless feel that Korean street fashion […]

Tree Series by Myoung Ho Lee

Natural Beauty

Sometimes, looking around and observing the things that we take for granted can awaken within ourselves the realization of true beauty. The word “natural” has often been used to describe the unblemished aesthetics of a certain object and I think I have never fully understood it’s power until […]