Korean Slang for Beginners

Korean slang is a popular topic on this blog. It seems that many people all over the world want to learn Korean slang, and come to the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Canada’s blog for helpful tips. The following videos, photos, and text will be an aid for anyone who is a beginner to the Korean language.

Eat Your Kimchi is a very popular website that covers all things Korean. Amongst their many YouTube videos they offer a 14 part YouTube series hosted by Leigh (who is American), and Soo Zee (who is Korean). Soo Zee teaches Leigh the meaning of various Korean slang words/terms, pronunciation, how to use the right tone, when it’s most appropriate to use the slang word/term, how to use the slang if you’re living in Korea, and answers questions from viewers.

Discussing Interesting Contemporary Korean Slang: Episode 1

Discussing Interesting Contemporary Korean Slang: Episode 7 – Text Slang

Opening Ceremony is a fashion store that started in New York by two friends Carol Lim and Humberto Leon. It has now expanded to Los Angeles and Tokyo. Their website offers online shopping, a blog that covers pop culture, travel, fashion, modeling and Korean slang.

Opening Ceremony offers a Korean slang book through photo flash cards. The photo has a picture of the slang word, the literal meaning, the slang meaning, and an example on how to use the term in a sentence.

040113-slang1040113-slang2100912-slang A few examples of Opening Ceremony’s Korean slang book.

If you’d rather get straight to the point koreaBANG, and Quizlet offer a dictionary type glossary of many Korean slang words.

koreaBangkoreaBANG’s glossary of Korean slang words in alphabetical order.

QuizletQuizlet has many Korean slang words. You can also hear the pronunciation of the word from the sound clip offered.

Hopefully these resources are helpful to everyone looking to update their Korean vocabulary. You can also check out Tina’s blog posts 10 Korean Slang That Will Immediately Sound More Native, and 5 Korean Slang that will instantly make you sound more native that actually inspired this post. Good luck or hwaiting!

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