Introducing the incredibly catchy tunes of Hyukoh

Lead singer Oh Hyuk of the Korean band Hyukoh.

Lead singer Oh Hyuk of the Korean band Hyukoh.

I don’t remember exactly how I found the Korean group Hyukoh (혁오) on the Internet, but I’m so very glad that I did. So far, I have listened to eight songs from Hyukoh and I like them all very much, so of course I want to share this happy discovery with readers of the Korea-Canada blog.

According to an article on Wikipedia, the members of Hyukoh are “Oh Hyuk (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Im Dong-gun (bass guitar), Im Hyun-jae (lead guitar) and Lee In-woo (drums).”

As you can see, Hyukoh is named after Oh Hyuk, which is appropriate enough since his vocals are so integral to the group’s sound and he’s the main songwriter, as well.

The group is from Hongdae, the trendy Seoul neighbourhood near Hongik University that’s full of clubs and cafés – like Montreal’s Plateau and Mile End neighbourhoods, but on a grander scale.

Hyukoh’s popularity spread way beyond Hongdae after they appeared on the TV show Infinity Challenge in July of this year.

Korean band Hyukoh.

Korean band Hyukoh.

This article in Korea JoongAng Daily says some fans have compared Hyukoh to U.S. band Maroon 5.
The video below, for the song Wi Ing Wi Ing (‪위잉위잉‬) is just one of many that you can find on YouTube. This short article about Hyukoh from the Korea Times has a link to a video for the song Comes and Goes (Wari Gari), which has English subtitles, as many of the band’s videos do.

You might want to look for these songs, too: Hookah, Gondry, Ohio, Panda Bear, and Bawling by Primary and Oh Hyuk.

You can find Hyukoh on Facebook and Tumblr, too.

This video below is an extract from a “guerrilla concert.” The band starts singing Wi Ing Wi Ing at 1:08, the crowd cheers and starts to sing along. It’s a great moment and Oh Hyuk looks very happy about it. One person added the comment “I got goosebumps when Oh Hyuk suddenly stopped singing and the crowd sang every single line omg their music is amazing and I’m so happy for all the love they’re receiving now ♥ Wish I could be a part of that crowd someday.” (Me, too!) Another person added: “within 3 hours and only promote it on his private insta they gather 1100 people.”

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