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Liz Ferguson

I watch mainstream films and more obscure ones as well. Montreal has lots of film festivals and I've been going to most of them for many years now. Through these festivals I feel like I've seen the world without having to pack a suitcase, and I've met fascinating people among the stars, directors, and other film fans who attend. From 2008 until November 2014 I wrote more than 1,220 posts for the Cine Files film review blog on the web site of Montreal's only daily English-language newspaper, The Gazette. Those posts are difficult to find now, because of major changes to the Gazette's web site. I will gradually add links to some of those posts on this blog.

Any Joo Won fans here?

Joo Won (주원) is a Korean actor who has mostly worked in TV dramas (Cantabile Tomorrow, Good Doctor, 7th Grade Civil Servant, Bridal Mask, Ojakgyo Family, and King of Baking, Kim Takgu) though he has made some films, too. Those films include S.I.U, Don’t Click, Catch Me (Steal My […]

My first Korean language class!

On Saturday, Feb. 21, 2015 I attended my first Korean language class. Our friendly and encouraging teacher is Chang In Young. There were just six of us last week, though our group could expand somewhat; new students are still welcome to join the class. (See below for more […]