100 in 1 Day: Small Ideas Can Make a BIG Change

11393006_927466590650904_8547767805117418072_nSilent Disco Squad at E. Broadway, 100 in 1 Day Vancouver 2015 ⓒ Lea Chambers

Community driven, city-wide place making festival will activate 100+ fun, innovative pop-up ideas all over Canada. Imagine the possibilities for our city if hundreds of people united to participate in small initiatives to spark change. Share your vision for a better city!

Seocho-gu, Seoul ─ When you signed up for volunteer jobs, what did you expect at the most? free T-shirts, community service time, refreshments? Getting more friends is a volunteer’s goal for sure. International friendship, couldn’t be better.


The rule is very simple; Hold 100+ events in a day!

Your local events would be held on this Saturday, Jun 4th, 2016. Several non-profit organizations, include Evergreen & Make Something Edmonton, are engaged in 100 in 1 Day around 6 cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Hamilton and Halifax! Furthermore, Montréal and Edmonton newly joined the social movement in this year.


Last year, I was a citizen activator of Evergreen BC for 100 in 1 Day Vancouver 2015.
The writer had volunteered as an intervention leader and outreach team.

100in1day (Español: 100 En 1 Dia) was started on May 25, 2012 by a group of design students in Bogotá, Colombia that intended to launch six urban interventions that would maximize the potential of their city. Over beers they decided to be more ambitious and launch 100 urban interventions that would take place in one day. Since then, it has spread to over 31 cities around the world.


Chloe is very rare given name all across America continent, but we can choose them as English nickname in case of native Korean. (Of course, you don’t want to give such a name to your daughter if you’re immigrants.) As you know, only three surnames, Kim, Lee and Park, account for the appellations of nearly one-half of all Koreans. Jay Park? Chloe Kim? What a perfect combination! Imagine if you yelled that name on Itaewon streets – international traveller’s hot place in Seoul, how many people are looking back? In fact, there are 3 students whose name was Chloe in the same class on my 1st ESL programme.

I hadn’t expected that I could meet Korean Canadian in the event, because most ESL programme participants from foreign countries didn’t listen to such information. But in my case, I had applied for volunteering works before I came to Vancouver via govolunteer.ca luckily. All of your ideas are going to be respected. Especially, Vancouver is well-recognized by its diversity. Whilst I volunteered, I met a variety of people which never you thought. Lots of happenings happened.

By the way, my partner Chloe Lee was a talented photographer. She was a brilliant high school student in Surrey, BC and had a lot of international experience. She helped me for a long whilst I was not familiar with those kinds of volunteering procedure, plus, spoken English not fluently. Right, you are able to make Korean friends without going abroad.


Outreach team was in trouble to promote this event, attract local artists and get aid from municipal governments. I and my teammates were struggled to ignite the torch on this festival. On the same day, 3 other groups held similar fests in Great Vancouver Area. To find way, I served other volunteer works to let people knows more about 100 in 1 day.

Brought invitation letters, leaflets, banners ETC., I posted them on Starbucks community board. A thing impressive was a lady asked me what was 100in1Day Vancouver, so I explained with all my best. Then she actually joined our team and participated in the event with her family. That’s moment I could believe myself that I was able to really accomplish something.

11412385_927466183984278_3961621554053387195_nVal Band, 100 in 1 Day Vancouver 2015 ⓒ Christine Nguyen

As a result of all our efforts, from Langley to Squamish, Vancouverites successfully held 105 events last year. Event coordinator Robyn gave me a book as a commemorative gift, 「Happy City」, which described about 100in1Day mind & livable engineering. She wrote ‘Seoul’ next to the title of the book, because she wanted to inspire me and other Korean to do same things for our community.

Once again, 100in1Day Canada is back on Jun 4th, Saturday.
Check all events nearby your location! Find More – http://www.100in1day.ca


Ryu, Sungyoung

                                        16′ e-Reporter (Kaycee 101)
sy of the Republic of Korea in Canada
                    [PRESS RELEASE]

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