[June] What Made the News in Korea


2016 has proven itself to be an eventful year, and the month of June has come to an end.

As we head off into the second half of 2016, let’s see a quick summary of what has been trending in Korea for the month of June 2016.


Anniversary of the Korean War (1950.06.25)

Dawn of the 25th of June, 1950. A war that would change Korea forever broke out between the communist-influenced North and the democracy-influenced South in the Korean Peninsula. Setting politics aside, it has nevertheless changed the Korean Peninsula forever. With millions of casualties, and with the heartbreaking division of the two Koreas,  I believe that it should be a time of not only commemoration, but also of a time for reflection.

Second Battle of Yeonpyeong (제2연평해전) (2002.06.29)

During the 2002 World Cup in Korea, a naval battle broke out in the Western coast of Korea, near the island of Yeonpyeong. After a short naval battle, six South Korean soldiers died. Fourteen years has passed, but the sacrifice of these soldiers should not be forgotten.


This is largely an international issue. However, like most countries in the international community including Canada, the issue of Brexit has been a hot topic in Korea as well. The decision of the citizens of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union has shocked the world. In Korea, the KOSPI index- South Koreas composite stock index, has fallen like many other nations are experiencing right now.

Park Yoo Chun

The current JYJ member and former member of Dong Bang Shin Ki (동방신기/TVXQ) has been, unfortunately, the most talked about celebrity in Korea for the month of June. He has been accused of rape charges by numerous women. He is currently serving alternative military service in Seoul. Up to four women have been possibly identified as victims. However, with investigations ongoing, it is still impossible to say how the case will turn out in the future.

Ahn Cheol Soo 

Less than two months after the 2016 legislative elections in Korea, Ahn Cheol Soo has stepped down from his position as the leader of the People’s Party (국민의 당). He has cited the reason for his resignation to the ongoing investigations regarding elected members of his Party. Currently, they are under investigation for supposedly receiving illegal political rebates.

Ban Ki Moon 

Ban Ki Moon, as you might know, is currently the Secretary General of the United Nations. So why has he been trending in Korea? With the impending end of his term as the Secretary General of the UN, there are rumors that he is looking to run for president at the next presidential elections in Korea.


Perhaps, this has been largely negative news.

Let’s hope that the second half of 2016 brings more cheerful and happier news events not only in Korea, but worldwide.

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