A Beginning

Greetings, belatedly!

My name is Sue, and I am one of many bloggers looking forward to contributing to the Korea-Canada Blog as @soothereal this year. I’ve never had an online platform to share my thoughts and experiences (made accessible to readers all over the world) before, and so please bear with me as I learn to develop my own tone and approach to this blog (whatever that means).

I was immediately compelled to participate in the Korea-Canada Blog because of my experiences as a student at McGill University, studying East Asian Studies with a regional focus on Korea. Thus, I’m basically all about Korean Studies, and want to learn, read, write, and talk about Korea across disciplines- historically, culturally, socially, anthropologically, politically, and more. And clearly, I thought that the Korea-Canada Blog would be a great space to do so. I hope that we (I’m a reader of this blog too!) can engage in some insightful discussions, or we can just talk about some of the amazing street styles that came about in Seoul Fashion Week last week (3.27-4.1). History of fashion in Korea, anyone?

Besides learning about Korea as a Korean-Canadian, I only began to think about Korea and Korean Studies by taking some really great Korean film classes at school. And so, I would like to build upon what I’ve learned, and blog about Korea through Korean films and television serials. I also don’t want to restrict my posts to be only on Korean films and serials, so I’ll be trying to write about other topics, like Hangul and food.

As for myself (as if I haven’t already been describing me, myself, and I), I’m your basic college student. I like to hike, do yoga, read, make lists, brunch, watch films, listen to podcasts, and spend time with friends and family. This is what I hope to do after finals:


Kang-Doo in The Host (2006), directed by Bong Joon-Ho

Have you seen The Host? If you haven’t, I recommend it. If you have, can we talk (“write”/”comment”) about it?

Envisioning thoughtful and funny exchanges with you! Cheers.


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