2017 Korean Speech Contest in Vancouver

With our amazing participants, the Korean Speech Contest held by Consulate General of The Republic of Korea and Asian Studies Department at UBC, was very successful!

The contest was held at Multipurpose Room, Liu Institute for Global Issues UBC from 1PM until 5PM, and I got the chance to go there earlier than that for set-ups as UNIK(You and I Korea) the Korean Culture Promoting club at UBC was also a part of it!



Hannah Martin&Yumi Chung at the booth, welcoming the Audience&Participants!

Every participant was so ready to give the audience their wonderful speech in 100% Korean! (There were people who even came from Victoria Island to compete in this contest)

The contest was run in four different sections: Novice, Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced so every participant could compete with the other people who are at the same level of Korean as them.

The audience got to listen to many different speeches with various topics such as: K-Pop, Why I am studying Korean and Some Personal Stories. However, no matter what the topics were, every single one of the participants and their speeches were truly amazing and heart-warming.


The Prizes for Winners!


Two Hosts: Yujinia Lee(in Korean) & TK Jeong(in English)

After all of the speeches were over, we had a dance performance by UBC’s biggest K-POP Dance group K-WAVE to celebrate the successful end of the contest!


Amazing K-Pop dance performances by K-WAVE!

I would like to thank all of the participants for giving us an opportunity to listen to their beautiful speeches! We hope to see you guys again at the next Korean Speech Contest!



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