2017 Mobile Phones by Korean Firms: Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6

Ever since Apple released the iPhone in 2007, smartphones have dominated the mobile phone industry. Nowadays, it is hard to see someone without a smartphone. Some of the biggest players in the smartphone market include two Korean firms, Samsung and LG. The phones run Google’s Android mobile operating system, and while Apple continues to dominate the North American market with the iPhone,  Samsung and LG still have a stronghold in the domestic market- Korea.  For the first half of 2017, Samsung and LG has each released a new phone.


Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

Following the Galaxy Note 7 controversy last year, Samsung had its reputation on the line. While it is still one of the biggest smartphone makers in world, it has nonetheless faced a crisis. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important phones Samsung has released. A notable change is the disappearance of the home button, where the fingerprint scanner was also placed. The fingerprint scanner has moved to the back of the screen beside the camera. While it is a controversial move, it seems that it was necessary to implement the biggest change from last year. The biggest change is the disappearance of the bezel at the bottom of the screen and on the sides. Samsung managed to increased the area of the screen, making the screen larger but the overall footprint of the phone small.


Another big feature of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the Virtual Reality (VR) Headset. You are able to pop in your phone, and you have your very own VR device. With the implementation of the controller this year as well, it seems that Samsung continues to invest in its VR technology.


Samsung also implemented a new technology, which allows a desktop-like experience on the phone when connected to a dock.



While LG has not managed to replicate Samsung’s enormous success worldwide, it is still a giant electronic manufacturer that is hard to ignore. LG also managed to reduce the bezel on the front of the phone, although not as drastic as Samsung managed to. LG managed to also waterproof its phone, which is new in LG’s flagship for this year. One of the features is that the G6 managed to receive the MILSTD-810G, which means that it passed a number of military standard test that tested its durability. In addition, LG also boasts a dual camera, like the iPhone 7+. Overall, LG also managed to release a very solid phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 are the pinnacle of Korea’s mobile phone technology. The two Korean firms have developed into a world-class electronic manufacturer, a testament to how far Korea has developed since the Korean War. Looking for a change from the iPhone? Perhaps, this could be a way to enjoy Hallyu right in your pocket!

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