Korea in the Capital #2: Korean Cultural Fair

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Sunday June 25th marked the celebration of the first Korean Culture Fair in Ottawa, part of the summer long K-Connected Events (hosted by the Korean Cultural Centre) and in collaboration with “Ottawa Welcomes the World”, for Canada 150.

The chance to re-live my Korea experience through K-POP dance, Korean food and countless other Korea-themed activities in my own hometown? Yes, please! Hosted in the historic Horticulture Building at Lansdowne Park, hundreds of people gathered to learn, experience, and enjoy everything Korea related- an awesome turnout for a memorable first event.


Attendees were greeted and given a full day schedule listing the times of all the events, such as the kimchi making workshop, tourism talks, and taekwondo demonstrations. Participants were also given a Ottawa 2017 passport, which they can use to collect various stamps from other “Ottawa Welcomes the World” events.

Korean Mascots and little boyScattered strategically throughout the venue were many different types of booths and activities- from traditional Korean calligraphy to modern K-POP dance performances. Whether you enjoy art, music, sports, food, games, dance, or a combination of all of the above- there was something for everybody. Including…

…the curious

20170625_134229_1Tour around places in Korea using the virtual reality goggles at the Korea Tourism Booth.

…the sports enthusiasts

Korean Culture Show. 2017-12Shoot to win fun prizes at the Korea Tourism Pyeonchang 2018 Olympic booth!

…the daring

20170625_152013_1Only for the most competitive and daring- the spicy noodle competition.

…the artistic

Colourful K-Story (Children's colouring)Colouring tables, calligraphy booths, and plenty of Korean artwork on display.

…the performance-loving

20170625_115115_1Show-stopping K-POP dance performances for K-POP fans and those new to the genre to enjoy.

…the music fans

Samulnori Canada walking inTraditional Samulnori performances by “Samulnori Canada”.

…the competitive

20170625_113340_1_1Take your shot at Tuho, a traditional East Asian game.

…the foodies

20170625_115259_1(But isn’t that all of us?!) Plenty of classic Korean snacks to sample or purchase, as well as a full hot buffet filled with traditional Korean street food!

A successful Sunday event hosted by the Korean Cultural Centre and the City of Ottawa. Hopefully this will be a first of many Korean Culture Fair’s to come!

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