The Gateway to Korea: Incheon International Airport

Planning to visit Korea? You will realize that you can’t find a “Seoul Airport.” That is because the biggest airport in Korea is not in Seoul. Your journey in Korea starts about 50 kilometres away from Seoul, in Incheon International Airport.


So what is so special about this airport? First of all it is the best airport in the world. Am I biased? Probably. But, it has been officially ranked so by the Best Airport Worldwide for 11 consecutive years by the Airport Council International, which is a global trade representative of the airport authorities around the world. So you may be wondering, what makes this airport so special? Let’s find out some of what Korea’s biggest doorway has to offer.

Travel Conveniences

Capsule Hotel

Have a long layover flight to another destination? There is a hotel available for people with long layovers to get a rest and a quick shower. You can book rooms during the days or even overnight. Since it is located in the airport, there is no worries about travelling time between the hotel and the airport, adding to the convenience of using such facilities. The prices are surprisingly low, with a double bed room with shower running for about 36000KRW (~31USD) for three hours of use. That’s surprisingly cheap, compared to using lounges for your longer layovers.


Finding yourself needing a shower after that long red-eye flight? There are a number of shower rooms that you can use to refresh yourself. If you have experiences with flying through multiple connections or with long layovers, you will certainly appreciate the prospect of a shower.



22801_620x.jpgMovie Theatre

Want a place to enjoy that one last Korean movie before you leave Korea? Unless you contend yourself with the often older movies shown on flight, you can see movies in the airport? What’s a better way to pass time than to watch a movie?


Skating Rink

Now this one is something that is really unique. This one is for the Canadians that need to skate even during their travels in Asia. There is a skating rink, and for a small fee of 5000KRW (~4.5USD) that includes the use of the rink and helmet and skate rentals, you can enjoy it!

So apart from the amenities, what also surprises visitors is the convenience of the airport itself. Despite a high number of passengers served, Incheon International Airport boasts a 0.0001% baggage mishandling rate and also gets through passengers quickly through an average of 19 minutes taken for departure and 12 minutes for arrival. In addition, the cleanliness of the airport and the friendliness of the staff ensure a warm welcome to Korea. So, the next time you visit Korea, make sure to appreciate the airport you land in!

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