Korea’s Delivery Food Culture

“Do you eat Kimchi?”

One of the most iconic Korean foods recognized by people worldwide is Kimchi. In fact, it is a staple food in most Korean households. As Korea makes its presence known in the global stage, Korean foods are becoming increasingly popular. However, unless you visit Korea, there is a relatively unknown food culture you’ll never get to experience.

Let me introduce you to the delivery “baedal” food in Korea.


Do you like Korean-style fried chicken? How about some Jjajangmyeon? Of course, you can enjoy them in restaurants, but where’s the convenience in that? Korea’s delivery food service is stellar. You can order anything you want – at the convenience of your own home! In Canada, you will likely have very limited options in having food delivered. In most cases, they may be limited to pizza. Korea’s population density results in a much larger population cramped into a smaller area, which makes it ideal for delivery restaurants. And people do take advantage of this fact, as delivery restaurants are everywhere!


The steps to ordering them are simple. You may have flyers arriving at your home, where you can obtain numbers of nearby restaurants that deliver. A quick internet search will also give a list of restaurants that will meet your stomach’s needs.  However, as we’re living in the era of the smartphone, one of the most widely used methods nowadays is to use apps that finds restaurants that deliver near you.


Apps such as “Baedal Minjok” (배달의 민족), “Baedaltong” (배달통), or “Yogiyo” (요기요) all serve this function. These apps act as the middlemen that finds the restaurants that serve the food you want and will relay your order to the restaurants that will ultimately deliver your food. So what kind of food you can order? Well, basically everything. From the typical pizza to Korean-style fried chicken, and to even ice cream! Yes, you read that correctly, you can even deliver ice cream right to your doorstep! So while the availability varies depending on your location, choices include, but are not limited to, jokbal (족발), bossam(보쌈), boonsik (분식, which includes ttukbokki ‘떡볶이’ and gimbap ‘김밥’), fast food, etc. If you are over the legal age, you can even order soju, beer, and other liquor too!


Most delivery food, when ordered, will arrive within an hour. I have had experiences where food was delivered within 20 minutes! They usually arrive by delivery personnel on motorcycles. So how do you pay? When using a delivery food application, you have an option to pre-pay through credit/check card directly, and will have the added convenience of only having to accept the food. If you call to order, or if you prefer to pay later, you can pay through cash or card to the delivery person. Remember to specify that you will be using your card, if you will do so, in order for the delivery person to bring the card payment machine.

So next time you are hungry in Korea, what not explore options to have food delivered right to your doorstep?

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    • Haha, I think they just started in some areas in Canada but I get your point. It just fuels your laziness…

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