Korea in the Capital: Haenyeo Exhibit

Since August 17th, guests at the Korean Cultural Centre have been able to enjoy the Haenyeo (literally translated to Seawomen) exhibit. Filled with larger than life photographs, real Haenyeo tools on display, and accompanying video and text- this exhibit is just as emotional as it is educational.

You’ll quickly learn who the Korean Seawomen are, what they do, and what makes them so remarkable. Able to hold their breath for up to three minutes underwater, dive great depths to retrieve various types of sea creatures- and the majority of them being well into their elderly years. It’s intriguing, almost unbelievable, especially as Canadians who have no such equivalent.


The artist, Hyung S. Kim does an incredible job at capturing the emotion and experience of these women, in such a way that allows you to imagine, empathize, and respect these women and the strenuous work required.


Can you spy the diver’s heads? Haenyeo spotted by your blogger, lauragrace in Udo, South Korea

On until November 3rd, head down to the Korean Cultural Centre on Elgin Street to experience this exhibit for yourself. With just under a month left, you definitely don’t want to miss this artistic and informative display!

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 4.26.22 pm





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  1. If you can’t get to Ottawa, like me, I recommend the 2004 Korean movie “My mother, the Mermaid” for a depiction of the life of the Haenyeo, and Jeju Island. Amazing women!

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