How Kpop started and became a trend?

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Kpop is a trend, and that is a fact, but do you know how it started? No? Then come and find out.

It has been a long time since the term Kpop has been used, bands of Korean origin are increasingly popular.

Kpop (kayo in Korean) is the acronym in English for the songs that come from South Korea. It began in the 60’s but it was from the 90’s that became more popular, mainly with the beginning of the popularization of Rap in the country.

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Kpop has a mix of various rhythms like R & B, Rock and Pop Bubblegum (which is a mix of pop and soul). What most attracts people to this musical genre are the rhythm of the songs, the video clips with impressive choreography, touching lyrics and artists with super-produced visuals. Some Kpop Idols have different looks with different colors of hair, perfect skin, different clothes, contact lenses and so on.

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In 1995 SM Entertainment was founded and soon became South Korea’s largest talent agency. Known for being a group agency like EXO, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, SHINee, SM Town, TVXQ, f (x) NCT, Red Velvet, SM Rookies, BoA, and others.

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At the end of the 1990s, agencies appeared: YG Entertainment, known for being the agency of groups like 2NE1, Black Pink, Big Bang, Winner, iKon and others; DSP Media, known for being the agency of groups like Kara, A-Jax, SS501, Rainbow, Click-B and more; and JYP Entertainment, known for being the agency of groups like Got7, 2PM, TWICE, Miss A, Wonder Girls, 2AM, 4 Minute and more.

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  1. Also shout out to the groups that made Kpop more mainstream like BIGBANG, Super Junior, TVXQ, and 2ne1. First generation groups like HOT and GOD were the building blocks, but it’s the second generation groups that really paved the way for the third generation to grow and be as exposed globally as they are now.

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