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Good to Be Back~

Hello everyone! A belated welcome to the KorCan blog! I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m Abigail Campbell, one of the bloggers recruited to write and share my experiences with Korea and its culture. I am one of the lucky bloggers blessed to return from my time writing last year. To see my first self-introduction, click here~

I became a university student this year and now attend school in Toronto. Because I am away from my home in Ottawa, there are so many different places for me to explore that relate to Korean culture around me that I wasn’t able to explore before! I have several things in the works and hopefully, you will enjoy reading about my experiences~

It is my hope and goal to share more about my personal experiences with Korean culture this year. I hope to achieve this by talking about personal anecdotes -like how my worldview has changed- and experiences with Korea in my area.

Don’t be a stranger! Comment on blog posts, share your personal experiences with us bloggers, let’s happily move forward together in our admiration of Korea and its culture!

Best Wishes,

Abigail xox

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