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First Time Attending The 15th Calgary Korean Day Festival

On August 18th, The 15th Calgary Korean Day Festival was held at West Hillhurst Community Association. Despite the cold and smoky weather outside, a lot of attendees joined the festival.

This was my first time visiting the annual Calgary Korean Day Festival. The festival took place on a huge open-field which different activities were taking place.

First thing when I arrived to the festival was of course, food. There was a couple of food tents that each sold a different type of Korean dish, such as 떡볶이 (stir-fried rice cakes), 불고기 (bulgogi), 만두 (dumplings), 육개장 (spicy beef soup), 김밥 (gimbap/kimbap), 떡 (rice cakes), 호두과자 (walnut cakes), and 빙수 (shaved ice).


In order to purchase the food, you had to purchase a $10 ticket which went towards one of the dishes (some of the food items excluded the use of the ticket).

I decided on trying the 떡볶이 (stir-fried rice cakes), 만두 (dumplings), and 김밥 (gimbap/kimbap). I must say, the 만두 (dumplings) was one of the best ones I had eaten (I really should have ordered another one).



Food ticket, 떡볶이 (stir-fried rice cakes), 만두 (dumplings), and 김밥 (gimbap/kimbap)

After eating, I walked around the rest of the festival. The festival included other tents, such as informational booths of sponsors and local businesses, and two bouncy castles for kids.


There was also a tent where you could go and try-on traditional Korean clothing, and have a photo taken.


Other activity tents, you could play traditional Korean games such as 딱지(ddakji), 투호 (tuho), and 비석치기. Or you can do some crafts and paint a lantern, fan or mask.


Lastly, I sat down on the grass and watch some of the stage performances. There was a various of performances happening (which I did not get to see all of them) such as K-pop dance covers, singing, dance and music performances, and martial arts demonstrations.


As a first time visitor to the festival, it was a great and fun experience to attend and see!

Please leave a comment if you visited the festival or what is your local Korean Day Festival like?

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