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Personal Colour Analysis Experience in Seoul

What is Personal Colour Analysis?

Personal colour analysis is finding and determining what colours in clothes and/or makeup would suit you based on your  skin tone, complexion, eye colour, and hair colour.

Have you ever put on a coloured shirt and thought, “this colour doesn’t look good on me.”

Personal colour analysis can help find out what colours would suit you the best.  A basic personal colour analysis for the skin undertone can be broken into two categories: warm tone and cool tone. Furthermore, it can also be broken down into seasons: Spring, Winter, Autumn and Summer.

My Experience



Back in October, during my vacation in Seoul I wanted to do a personal colour analysis. I found a personal colour analysis studio called Colorize through Naver. When I was making a reservation  online, I asked if they were able to explain in English. They said they could give basic information in English and if I wanted more in-depth information that I would need to pay for a translator. Thankfully my friend also wanted to join me, so she was able to translate a bit. So for those who don’t speak Korean, I would recommend going to a studio that provides an English translator or can speak English to be able to understand all the information.

Arriving at the studio, my friend and I were given a form to write about what colours we tend to wear, colours we like or dislike. Then the colour analyst used a set of colour cards to match what our skin tone was, current hair colour, and eye colour.

After that, the analysis started. A white cloth was placed in front of our clothes to give a “blank canvas”. The colour analyst grab a set of colour cloths which she flip back and forth on top of the white cloth. This allowed us to see the difference between two different shades of a specific colour. For example, two blue coloured cloth would be behind on another, which was flip back and forth on top of the white cloth.


Left Side: 5 Best and Second Best Colours / Right Side: 5 Worst Colours

At the end, my personal colour was summer mute. This meant colours that were bold or bright were not suited for me.

After finding what colours worked, we moved onto makeup. We were suppose to bring our own make-up and the colour analyst would tell us if that suited us. She also recommended her opinions of what eye-shadow colours and lip colours.


Eye-shadow Colours for Summer Mute

At the end of the session, we were given time to go into the makeup room before leaving!


Make-up Room


Color Book – Key Points of the Personal Colour Analysis

Overall, I enjoyed the whole session and the experience. It was great to see what colours suited me! I would highly recommend giving it a try!


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