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i'm alex, a filipino-canadian who fell in love with korean culture at the age of 11. you can find me constantly fangirling, creating digital content about korea + k-pop, advocating mental health wellness, and waxing poetry about ryan nugent-hopkins.

Let’s go for Hanjan!

With the further explosion of the Hallyu Wave, Korean cuisine and night life have also become huge in Canada. In Edmonton, several Korean eateries, noraebang karaoke places, bingsoo joints, have popped up as well. Out of them all, however, reigns Hanjan. Hanjan takes a little piece from Korean restaurant, cafe, […]

Shopping for K-Beauty in Edmonton!

There’s no doubt that K-Beauty has become a major part of the Hallyu wave. Although many still believe that Hallyu refers to musical and entertainment pieces of Korean culture being exported to the world, the current wave of Hallyu includes Korean cuisine, beauty, and even medicine as well. […]

A Canadian-Korean Olympics Experience!

Ever since Pyeongchang won the Olympic bid in 2011, I made it my goal to be one of the thousands of spectators there. As a Canadian who loves watching winter sports and a passionate Hallyu fan, I knew that this would be a unique and unforgettable experience. Luckily, […]