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Alex’s Stories From Korea: The Parade

Oh, boy. This is embarrassing. I remember saying in my last post I would write another the following week. That was five months ago now. What happened? I actually moved to South Korea and now I’m living and working here as an English teacher, though hopefully I can […]

My Korean New Year In Toronto

Last week marked the start of the lunar New Year, or seolal (설날) in Korean, and this year I got a bit more involved in the Korean side of things than in years past, which made for quite a unique experience. I am currently an East Asian Studies major at […]

Oppan Canada Style

I know, I know, “Gangnam Style” is so 2012. If you’re like me, hearing it now makes you break out in hives, but you must admit that its rocketing to global popularity the way it did was a social phenomenon that no one saw coming. I’m convinced that […]

What Hallyu Can Do For You

Are you committed to learning Korean? Are you taking Korean studies? Do you aspire to go to Korea someday and possibly work or live there? If you’re like me, then the answer is yes to all of those. But this leads to a more complicated question: what could […]

What The Hallyu?!

Hello again! Last time I talked about a few of the issues that certain industrial sectors have with the Korea-Canada free trade agreement. Understandably many are both fearful and hopeful about this, some may say, impending agreement. Naturally some will benefit more than others, and some will likely […]