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Deirdre Moore

Deirdre has a special interest in international relations, dating back to early travel, an IR focus in university and important friendships with Koreans and people from all over the world. Attention to relationships between all nations will benefit all of us; knowledge is understanding, and it is compassion - both which promote unity and harmony.

A Story Within The Story: Told by BC

There was a vibrance in the crowd awaiting the start of the sold-out Korean performance arts event aptly named, “A Story of Friendship”. The show would deliver a spectacular and carefully choreographed showcase of Korean talent in Vancouver’s Chan Centre located at the University of British Columbia (UBC). […]

Why Walk for 24 Hours?

Some people do impactful and altruistic deeds without any obvious expectation of benefit. Guy Black is one of these people. On June 22nd Guy completed a 72 kilometre walk in 24 hours in order to bring attention to people and issues he believes deserve more attention. Guy has […]

It Was RaVen.

It wasn’t far from the Inner Harbour but my memory for numbers is the pits; at the exact moment I reached for my iPhone to check Google Maps, a city bus drove by. Lo and behold, on the side of that bus there was an oversized advertisement for […]

Very Funny. Ginseng Gum.

  Humour. Laughter. The world would be a peaceful, more harmonious place if there were more occasions for both. Humour connects people. Laughter creates inroads for friendship. The other day, my daughter and I stopped at a new Hannam grocery store. We needed some vegetables to make soup. […]

The Gravity of One Tweet from Space

If you haven’t started following Chris Hadfield on Twitter yet, you really should. He is connecting ordinary people with the extraordinary universe more quickly and more intensely than a news story or magazine could, ever. Perhaps that sounds like a slight exaggeration, but I should know… Less than 24 hours ago, […]

With Compliments to…

There is no better demonstration of friendship than entrusting one’s children to another for care, so it is a compliment to Canada and Canadians that Korean families are sending their children in great numbers for education here. Hyungjin and Young Joo are the quintessential international students. Both love […]

A Welcome Patch

Outside of my English-speaking circle of friends, through a cluster of Indian and Pakistani merchants, over a bridge, and due north, can be found a patch of Korean shops and services known in Metro Vancouver as “Koreatown”. It stretches down both sides of North Road, hemmed in by […]