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Scotiabank Arena Got7 Stars

JYP’s Got7 dazzled at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto last month. Produced by SubKulture Entertainment and Pop! Goes The World, the first stop on the North American leg of their “Eyes On You” World Tour introduced the seven to an audience of tens of thousands of fans. The […]

Korean Fusion Food

Korean Food meets Western Food. Korean food is known for its delicate spices and its umami-like flavours found in dishes like, Kimchi, and Bulgogi. So when Korean food is cleverly infused with conventional western food, it becomes a unique delectable. Here are some of Korean Fusion Foods worth a try: […]


Two jars: Kimchi and kimchi jam. Two guys: Tye Thomas and Bryan Lavers of Thomas Lavers Cannery and Deli in Kensington Market. They may not be Korean, but they have a fine appreciation for fermented foods, so naturally they discovered the finest of the ferments: Kimchi. If you […]


If you take a stroll along Roncesvalles Avenue in Toronto, predominantly known for its mixture of European delis and hipster cafés,  you may be surprised to see this giant Kimchi thumb. Take a step back to reveal Greenfield’s Organic Bulk Food shop boasting the ‘self-proclaimed’ best kimchi in […]

Korean Food Day

The sky was overcast but the weather couldn’t dampen the festive mood. As part of the festivities of Korea Week, the Ambassador hosted Korea Food Day at his residence. The invitation merely indicated a sampling of Korean food, but it really translated into enough food to feed a […]


I think any blog that talks about Korean food cannot escape, and would in fact be remiss if it did not discuss kimchi. One author describes kimchi as Korea’s national vegetable dish. Kimchi was found at every meal, including breakfast. Kimchi remains a staple of the Korean diet, […]

Top 5 coréen au Québec

            Cette semaine, j’ai demandé à plusieurs personnes qui demeurent au Québec ce qu’elles connaissaient de la culture coréenne. Au total plus de 100 personnes ont répondu à cette question, la plupart à travers mes médias sociaux, le reste à travers des connaissances et […]

Sushi Koreans

I moved back to Winnipeg, MB from living in Seoul and was missing Korea! I went out in search of delicious Korean food locally and instantly started drooling at the idea of kimchi jiggae, dol-sot bi-bim-bap and sam gyup sal! Mashessayo! But what I found was that in […]