Canada’s Got Talent

Nothing beats the summer heat like going to a concert and cheering until your head is numb and voice gives out, especially if the music you were listening to was K-Pop – the most infectious music in the world. I attended an event called “KPop World Festival 2015” right here in Quebec and I gotta say, I was really impressed to see, hear, and taste what Canada had to offer in terms of its local talent. You could really see the endless hours of practice and hard work every competitor put into perfecting their sync with their team members. This festival was an intense competition that pitted contestants against one another for the top prize of $1000. I was one of the few lucky concertgoers who was able to experience these artists’ suave from coast to coast to coast. But to me what made this contest stand out from any other ones was these two specific points. One, the first place winner (Spoiler alert! It was M2BC who grabbed first place. Congratulations!) had the chance to advance even further in this international contest and eventually (whoever wins) have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform alongside some of the hottest K-Pop stars on stage in Changwon, Korea. Two (and my favourite reason), you could not be of a Korean descent to enter in this competition. Now, I really like this caveat because it enables K-Pop enthusiasts and fans to show just how much they know about K-Pop and exude their knowledge, skills, and pretty much what they’ve got. One prime example in this year’s competition was this one contestant who loved K-Pop so much that she actually studied the language and was able sing in Korean! I think this is an excellent way to gauge K-Pop interest as a global phenomenon because it’s one thing to say you love K-Pop but another to actually invest your own time and effort into learning and studying Korean culture. And indeed, we were able to experience this K-Pop fever as our very own Canadian contestants stomped and sang their heart out in a jam-packed concert hall. With every dance move and note hit, the venue quivered with excitement. And why wouldn’t we be? We had the chance to enjoy ourselves and see what the Hallyu Wave was all about. Albeit, I am a little sad that it ended so quickly but I’ll be sure to attend this exciting competition again next year. Who knows? Maybe one of the competitors might actually become a K-Pop star(s).


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