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Welcome! (어서 오세요!)

When you enter a shop in Korea you will often hear “어서 오세요!” (Eo-seo oh-sey-yo), which is a greeting to welcome you inside. In the same way I would like to say, welcome! My name is Kelsey (username daryeorakelsey) and I am a new addition to the Korea-Canada Blog. Whether you are new to this blog as I am or you’ve been reading it for a while, I hope that each post will make you feel welcome, as if you are entering a familiar place.

In that same spirit, I’d like to briefly introduce myself. I’m a university graduate living and working full time in an administrative role in Calgary, AB. I like discovering new music, reading (mostly novels), and buying cute stationery and socks.

I’ve loved writing for all of my life, so I am always seeking opportunities to write, whether it be personal projects, volunteering, or otherwise. Although I’m not a risk-taker, I have an adventurous side and love traveling and experiencing other cultures, and I’ve been to ten countries outside of Canada so far!

As you may have guessed, I am also passionate about Korean culture! In 2011 a friend shared her love of Kpop and K-dramas with me and invited me to a group where Koreans and Canadians exchanged conversation, taught language lessons, and fostered friendships. Together, these events drew me in to a world of learning about Korea, and I’ve been interested ever since.

To my great delight I was able to visit Korea a few years ago, and I spent an amazing three and a half weeks exploring Seoul, Gwangju, and Busan. I am hoping to return soon! In the meantime I am studying Korean, and although learning a new language is challenging, it is also incredibly rewarding.


The stunning Hyangwon-jeong Pavilion at Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul

In joining the Korea-Canada Blog I want to share with you a little bit of my understanding of Korean culture, whether it be passing on tips about traveling to Korea, explaining Korean language basics, highlighting Kpop songs and MVs (music videos), or opening a window into distinctly Korean experiences. I’m still learning myself, so I hope that we can discover more together!

For now, here are a few of my favorite (Korean) things! I’d love to hear about some of yours in the comments.

Favorite Korean dish: 잡채 //Japchae
Favorite Korean drink: 밀키스 // Milkis
Favorite Kpop group: 방탄소년단 // BTS
Favorite Kpop song: 네시 // 4 O’Clock (by V & RM)
Favorite K-drama: 사랑비 // Love Rain
Favorite Korean word: 여름 // Summer (yeo-reum)
Favorite Korean saying: 진짜? // Really? (jin-jja?)
Favorite Place in Seoul: 쌈지길 // Ssamziegil
Favorite Korean Store: ARTBOX
Favorite Korean App: 카카오톡 // KakaoTalk

Until next time!

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  1. Favorite Korean dish: a tie between Japchae (the first Korean dish I learned to cook) and Tteokbokki
    Favorite Korean drink: Yujacha
    Favorite Kpop group: BTS
    Favorite Kpop song: I Need You and House of Cards, both BTS
    Favorite K-drama: Goblin and Boys over Flowers
    Favorite Korean App: I have Kakao but rarely use it, so by default I guess that’s my favourite :)

    • Nice to meet you, Theresa! House of Cards is also one of my top BTS songs – I think it’s underrated but oh so good! (:

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