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Unusual Themes in Kpop MVs III

MV creators have always found ways to make their videos stand out, and it’s not surprising that some great ideas catch on as trends. Yet there are a number of stylistic choices that seem a bit mysterious, from those that don’t match up quite right to the song to those that are embraced wholeheartedly by a swath of artists despite their oddities.

Around the World in Kpop MVs

The majority of Kpop MVs are filmed in locations close to home, so when a Kpop act decides to create their video in a foreign country it tends to stand out. While featuring an exotic location can memorably express a song, it can also inspire others to appreciate the unique aesthetic and culture of that place.

Unusual Themes in Kpop MVs II

While Kpop MVs are often creative and unique, there are some ideas that are so intriguing, fun, or visually pleasing that multiple groups choose to incorporate them. These irresistible motifs span from physical objects to filming styles, and once you start noticing them you’ll begin to see them everywhere.

Finding KDrama Locations in Korea

Part of the magic of filmmaking is the careful choice of sets and scenery, which can be the difference between a story that falls flat and one that comes alive. When you visit Korea, it’s only natural to be excited about the chance to see those same places in person – but first, you have to find them!

Unusual Themes in Kpop MVs

Kpop groups showcase their talent and style through MVs that dazzle and delight, but sometimes these videos include elements that may surprise you. Whether it’s something that you never expected to see or a trend that is strangely popular, here are a few unusual items to keep an eye out for.

The BTS World Tour “LOVE YOURSELF” Experience

While BTS has been busy making history with their soaring popularity and expansion into the Western market, they have also been crafting a story for their fans called LOVE YOURSELF. Naturally, this detailed and captivating concept is the theme of their current world tour, which features songs from the LOVE YOURSELF albums (Her, Tear, Answer) and short film Wonder. Two of our KCB writers – Jennifer and Kelsey – had the chance to attend the tour, and are here to share their reflections on various aspects of their experience. 

Where to Go for Korean Groceries in Calgary

Calgary is a diverse city, with a number of options for Asian markets and grocery stores. Although many of these stores have a lot of good items in stock, sometimes they just don’t have the specific ingredient or brand you are looking for. When it comes to Korean cooking, your best bet for an authentic taste is to visit a Korean grocery store – and lucky for you, there are several in Calgary.

A Guide to Noraebang

There is something magical about karaoke: stepping into your favorite artist’s shoes to express a shared feeling or try out their musical style. Korea has fully embraced this pastime with noraebang, Korean karaoke, which turns a simple night out into a dynamic experience.

Kpop’s Seven Best: Anthems

Anthems are the songs that cause you to stop and take notice of them, whether it be the powerful beat, exciting melody, or meaningful lyrics within. Perfect for everything from sports to self-motivation, these tracks are guaranteed to stir up your emotions and push you to greater heights.

Kpop’s Seven Best: Legends

Despite only gaining international popularity in recent years, Kpop has a long and impressive history. From its roots to the present day there have been numerous Kpop acts that have surpassed expectations and established themselves as legends of the industry.

Visiting Korea: Know Before You Go

Travelling to another country is a thrilling experience, but it can also be overwhelming at first. Although I did a lot of research before I went to Korea, I still found that there were many things I had to learn along the way. I’d like to share some of these experiences with you to inform your own travels!