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Our Journey Together: A Self-Introduction and Look at the Year Ahead


Hello everyone! I’m Emily, and I’m thrilled and honored to be a new blogger with the Korea-Canada blog this year. Before I get started on my themed blog posts for this year, I thought it might be nice to give everyone a quick introduction to who I am and what I’ll be blogging about.
I was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba (aka, “Winterpeg”), and graduated from the University of Winnipeg in 2016 with a degree in English with Specialization in Children’s and Young People’s Texts and Cultures (minor in Conflict Resolution Studies). I lived here my entire life, with the exception of last year when I moved to Nova Scotia for graduate school (where it is thankfully much warmer!). Now that I’m back in the beloved “’Peg,” I find myself dreaming daily of (A. Warmer weather (B. Finishing my master’s thesis (more on that later) and (C. All of my favourite Korean dramas! Even with balancing my thesis with my job as an ESL teacher, I still have managed to watch at least ten dramas over the last six months, as they give me both a break from the busyness of my daily life and inspiration for my academic work. K-drama is a powerful thing! I’m a children’s literature specialist, and while I’ve researched a number of texts from the children’s/young adult and popular culture canons—most notably, Anne of Green Gables, which is what my master’s thesis is about—I am looking forward to writing more about Korean dramas because of their connections with my past work, as well as their new global ties.
I am currently in the (hopefully!) final weeks of my master’s degree in English, and I hope to start a PhD within the next two years. Besides getting to share my love for Korean culture (especially my beloved K-dramas), I am excited to blog about micro-sections of my upcoming PhD dissertation. For those of you who might be thinking, “Yuck! PhD dissertation,” I promise that I will write these blogs with fun and learning in mind. All of my independent academic work (the stuff that I haven’t been assigned to write) has been about children’s and young people’s literature and culture, popular culture, digital humanities, film studies, reader response, and fan cultures. What I love most about these concentrations is that in my research, I don’t only focus on texts, but on the people who read and watch them. I feel like I learn something new with every project, and that my works gives me the unique chance to look at texts in exciting and self-reflexive ways. I hope that my readers at the Korea-Canada blog will feel the same way!
A few of the topics that I plan to blog about are how popular Canadian and Korean texts and cultures intersect, why historical dramas have resurged in popularity, the significance of music and musical culture in Korean dramas, and the importance of internet participation in global culture. I’m really looking forward to testing out some of my ideas ahead of time, in miniature form, and hopefully also getting to hear readers’ ideas as well!

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  1. Yes! I am not really a K-pop fan, but am truly interested in the phenomenon of K-drama and discussion on it’s impact. I am concerned that new dramas are starting to trend away from what has made them so successful.

    • Hi Diane! Thanks so much for your comment (sorry it’s taken forever to reply :))!! That is definitely an interesting observation–while there are so many wonderful K-dramas that really embrace a uniquely Korean culture, you’re right, there are some that are leaning a little more to the American side of TV. Hopefully there will always be those that stay true to what makes them great (and representative of Korean culture!)

      Please look out for my next post on historical K-drama, and feel free to get in touch! I’d love to hear your thoughts :)

      • Thanks Emily. I do believe Korea can set the trends, not follow them. They just don’t seem to realize it! Looking forward to your next post.

  2. You’re welcome, Diane–Thank you!! I agree with your statement completely; Korean drama definitely sets a new standard and has always given me new ideas and lots to contemplate on! I’m so grateful to hear that you’re enjoying the discussion (I am too!) My new post on historical/Time travel drama is now up– if you happen to read it, feel free to let me know what you think! Looking forward to chatting more with you :)

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