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Korean Dramas and Music: A Narrative Experience

  While there are so many aspects that contribute to one’s enjoyment of a particular K-drama, besides the writing and performances, music is one of the most significant aspects of TV binge-watching pleasure. Who hasn’t watched a drama without bawling over a particularly pretty ballad, placed at just […]

Notes From a K-Drama Fan: Diane

Happy Fall, All! Today, I have an interview with Diane, who I met *get ready for it* via this blog!!! Diane is super knowledgeable about K-Dramas (especially historical Sageuk dramas) and she’s made some fab recommendations. I’m very lucky to have met her!! :) Below is my interview […]

Notes From a K-Drama Fan: Meggie

Hi All! Today I’m launching a set of interviews I’ll be doing with some of my fellow K-drama fans. This first interview is with my dear friend (who is also an Unnie ;) ), Meggie! Meggie and I met a couple of years back while I was in […]

Korea and the Short Form

  There’s nothing like settling in after a hard day to watch your new favorite drama (unless, of course, you have the whole day to binge-watch it). But sometimes, we don’t always have a ton of time to enjoy a full-length series, or even a full-hour episode. That’s […]