Kpop’s Seven Best: Anthems

Anthems are the songs that cause you to stop and take notice of them, whether it be the powerful beat, exciting melody, or meaningful lyrics within. Perfect for everything from sports to self-motivation, these tracks are guaranteed to stir up your emotions and push you to greater heights.

Lyrically, Kpop songs cover a vast range of material, and while some are the straightforward love songs that you might expect, there are others that reach into more diverse topics. When paired with a strong musical foundation, they are transformed into anthems – songs ideal for instilling energy and inspiration. Here are seven stand-out Kpop anthems that excel in making their message memorable.

Dream Girls (드림걸스) – I.O.I

Bursting with positivity from start to finish, Dream Girls is a cheerful invitation to believe in yourself, no matter who you are or what others may say to you. By sharing advice and encouragement, I.O.I comes alongside anyone who has ever felt inadequate and urges them to continue forward with confidence, putting their doubts aside.

Key Lyric: Chasing our dreams, Dream Girls / There’s enough time, don’t rush / Trust yourself, don’t give up

Nillili Mambo (닐리리 맘보) – Block B

The members of Block B are experts at bringing up the mood of any environment, and Nillili Mambo embodies this hype mentality. In a friendly manner they admonish their listeners to let go and enjoy the music, while pairing a catchy hook with brass instrumentals to provide just the right backdrop for you to do so.

Key Lyric: Ooh yeah, everyone’s surprised and intimidated / Everyone wake up! Get frantic instead of being calm

Not Today – BTS

Rising unexpectedly from their humble beginnings has given BTS the ability to champion persistence and determination, the twin themes of this passionate song. Not Today is a nod to the unrelenting pursuit of dreams, and highlights the importance of relying on each other fully in order to reach a shared goal.

Key Lyric: All the underdogs in the world / A day may come when we lose / But it is not today / Today we fight!

Red Light – f(x)

Red Light is a call for change that embodies the phrase “practice what you preach,” where f(x) advocates for individuals to speak out on important topics while doing so themselves. The writing carries a sense of urgency, warning anyone who is disengaged from their surroundings to take notice and become more actively involved.

Key Lyric: Open your eyes wide / You’re about to crash, stop the speeding / Be the witness of change / When everyone is being quiet

Hard Carry (하드캐리) – GOT7

To convey the feeling of pushing towards success, GOT7 introduced a new term – Hard Carry – and crafted a song to define it. They assert that if you lean into your skills, accept the inevitable obstacles, and rely on your ambition to keep you focused, you will be able to come out on top.

Key Lyric: Whatever it is, I won’t lose spirit / In other words, I have a fighting spirit / Once I appear, the game is over / I get everything I want

I Am the Best (내가 제일 잘 나가) – 2NE1

Being at the top of the world can feel exhilarating, but 2NE1 take it one step further by announcing their stance unequivocally: I Am the Best. This celebration of personal achievement is perfect for buoying your self-esteem, and leaves no room for criticism, worry, or timidity.

Key Lyric: I refuse to be compared, I’m telling you the truth / If we’re talking about my value, I’m a billion dollar baby

One Shot – B.A.P

B.A.P is not afraid to address difficult topics, and they use One Shot to delve into what it means to live life with purpose. With lyrics that include everything from an incisive look at complacency to a challenging reminder that there are no second chances, B.A.P sets the bar high to provoke change in their generation.

Key Lyric: There’s only one chance as you walk on this dark path / Shine the light like Martin Luther King

All lyrics courtesy of https://colorcodedlyrics.com

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