Korean Bulgogi Poutine at C’est Si Bon

There is a great Korean pub called C’est Si Bon located on 2070 Rue Saint-Denis (C’est Si Bon means “It’s so good” in French, by the way). Worth to mention, it has a karaoke too!!! Fun times await you! I discovered C’est Si Bon because not long ago I was in Montréal to visit my best friend. On the Friday night, one of her friend’s had a second soft opening for his pub and we were invited.


James Oppa, myself, and Andréanne ♡

So you may be wondering about the Korean bulgogi poutine. Well, this place serves Korean-Canadian fusion food!!! How?

Combine delicious Korean bulgogi and beloved Canadian poutine together, that’s how! Look at this beautiful creation – one of many made by C’est Si Bon’s talented Korean chef.


Bulgogi all over dat poutine!

Looks yummy, right? Why hasn’t this been introduced to me before?! Just so you know, this can be shared among four people!


짠~! Cheers!

Below is a photo of C’est Si Bon‘s logo, on the inside wall near the back of the pub. Notice how the logo of the pub includes the colours of the Korean flag. The owner said the design of the black lines also represent the letters “C”, “S” and “B”. The logo is carefully though out and very nice, isn’t it?


C’est Si Bon’s Logo

Anyway, back to the yummy stuff! Not only are there delicious foods, there are unique and tasty drinks as well. Andréanne and I ordered a sweet alcoholic drink each consisting of Korean soju with a Korean popsicle inside! They are called “Summer Iced Bar Cocktails.” The popsicles we choose were melon and strawberry consisting of the famous Binggrae’s Melona Bar and Lotte’s Screw Bar respectively.


Summer Iced Bar Cocktails: Strawberry & Melon flavours

The idea is to stir the popsicle inside until it melts to create a sweet flavour. Of course I took out my popsicle and ate it first and then had the drink separately!


셀카 타임~! A selfie, of course.

Additionally, although I wasn’t there on that specific date, my best friend was there when C’est Si Bon pub had free karaoke outside on the street during a festival night and free shots of soju for those who scored 90 and above for his or her singing skills. Apparently she has an amazing singing voice because received a lot of free soju shots.

Definitely worth to visit this fun and unique Korean pub if you are visiting Montréal. ^^



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