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Born To Sing?

It’s Friday night (or in Korean, Bool-Geum (불금), literal translation; Fire Friday). You could either sit at home and watch a movie or you could go out with your friends. While these two activities are actually two of my favourite pastimes, there is one particular thing that I […]


It’s spicy, it’s salty, it’s addictive – and apparently it boosts testosterone. Korean ramyun, the manly soup, slurped up by millions around the world in its dried instant noodle form, found in supermarkets around the globe, sold complete with a packet of seasoning and dehydrated vegetables in a disposable […]

외솔 최현배 선생 (Oesol Choe Hyeon-bae )

“한 겨레의 문화 창조의 활동은, 그 말로써 들어가며, 그 말로써 하여 가며, 그 말로써 남기나니: 이제 조선말은 줄잡아도 반만년 동안 역사의 흐름에서 조선 사람의 창조적 활동의 말미암던 길이요, 연장이요, 또, 그 성가의 축적의 끼침이다. 그러므로, 조선말의 말본을 닦아서 그 이치를 밝히며, 그 법칙을 드러내며, 그 온전한 체계를 세우는 […]

국제시장 (Ode to My Father)

Set during the tumultuous history of modern Korea, “Ode to My Father” is a generational epic that recounts the life story of a young boy named Youn Duk-soo upon his arrival at Busan after parting ways with his father during the frantic evacuation from Hungnam Port, a North […]