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my5 Korean Movies

I am a movie fanatic. On days where I have spare time, I actively research online to find any well-received films. So far, my efforts have not disappointed me. Some of the movies that I watch drive such influential themes that I introspect deeply about my life and […]

Trending Sweets in Korea

AH-BOONG (아붕) One of the newest street sweets in Korea, it is a mix of Boong Uh Bbang (붕어빵) with ice cream, hence the name AH-Boong (아붕)  (Ice cream and Boong Uh Bbang. . Boong Uh Bbang is already a very popular street food in South Korea, a […]

My Korean New Year In Toronto

Last week marked the start of the lunar New Year, or seolal (설날) in Korean, and this year I got a bit more involved in the Korean side of things than in years past, which made for quite a unique experience. I am currently an East Asian Studies major at […]

my5 Choreography

I would like to meet anyone who can disprove me that most contemporary Korean music is not geared towards dancing. And because of this, Korean recording artists have built themselves a reputation as the dancing kings and queens of the world; but it also puts immeasurable pressure on […]

My first Korean language class!

On Saturday, Feb. 21, 2015 I attended my first Korean language class. Our friendly and encouraging teacher is Chang In Young. There were just six of us last week, though our group could expand somewhat; new students are still welcome to join the class. (See below for more […]