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Le e-commerce en Corée du Sud (Partie 1)

E-commerce : c’est quoi? E-commerce ou eCommerce ou e-Business se réfère à un modèle d’achat et de vente de produits ou services qui se déroule sur des systèmes électroniques tels qu’internet ou autres réseaux en ligne. Le commerce électronique utilise régulièrement des technologies comme le commerce mobile, le transfert de fonds […]

Pretty nails: Korean flower dye

It always seems incredible to me that so many of the ancient archeological discoveries are ornaments and body care products.  But then I look at my own stack of fashion magazines and think, why shouldn’t they be? A passion for beauty and self expression are probably just as […]

Dear Friends

I would like to begin this post by expressing my sincere appreciation for all our e-Reporters’ excellent contributions to the Korea-Canada 50th Anniversary blog and the readers. Eight months have passed since the official launch of the blog, and each and every one of you have continued to […]

Fresh socks, anyone?

Have you ever given socks a thought? Socks are actually an important part of the Korean wardrobe. Much in the same way the tuque is an important and meaningful article of clothing in Canada, one could say the same about socks in Korea. Ever since I can remember, […]

2013 Seoul Fashion Week F/W

2013 Seoul Fashion Week

In anticipation for the 2013 Seoul Fashion Week S/S I thought I would prepare myself by browsing some of the street fashion from earlier this spring and I am glad I did so because I was, once again, pleasantly surprised by the truly effortless feel that Korean street fashion […]

Jindo Dog (진돗개)

Designated as natural monument #53, the Jindo dog is an integral part of Korea’s national identity. Known for its loyalty, bravery and innate hunting capability, the Jindo dog has lived side by side with the Korean people for generations, dating back to as early as the Goryeo Dyansty […]

The Ottawa Hallyu Dance Team

The Ottawa Hallyu Dance Team had the glorious opportunity to perform at this year’s “Korea Week”, held at the Ottawa City Hall June 26st. We we’re invited once again by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Canada to take part in the festivities! We are always […]


In celebration of 2013 Year of Korea marking the 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Korea and Canada, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Canada held its 10th Monthly Korean Movie Screening on Thursday September 19 at the Korean Embassy Auditorium. For the 10th Monthly Korean Movie Night, […]