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Moncton Mourns the Fallen Heroes

. The RCMP officers on the scene were just extremely courageous during the Wednesday’s shooting incident. This tragic shooting left 3 dead and 2 wounded RCMP officers who were our heroes during this incident. Endless respect for those fallen officers who risked their lives to save others. . Const. […]

Tae E. Lee Cup Taekwondo Championship

On Saturday May 31, 2014, Ambassador Cho Hee-yong and wife Madame Lee Yang paid a visit to ‘2014 Tae E. Lee Taekwondo Championship’ at Algonquin College and delivered his congratulatory speech. In attendance were more than 2,500 friends and families of the competitors, including Bob Chiarelli, Minister of […]

Korea in the 2014 World Cup

We have now officially entered June, where one of the largest sport competition in the world is scheduled to take place. Held every four years, this year’s  FIFA World Cup will kick off in Brazil on June 12th. The World Cup is one of the most popular events in Korea. Korea’s […]

Jo In Hyuk

The Delicate Illustrations of Jo In Hyuk

A delicate representation of human nature at its best, that’s how I would describe Jo In Hyuk’s captivating illustrations. The minimalist yet powerful renditions manage to capture the fragility and beauty of youth caught in an all consuming space situated somewhere in between the innocence of childhood and […]

2014 International Cuisine Night

2014 International Cuisine Night hosted by Ottawa Service Attaches Association (OSAA) was held at Sala San Marco Banquet Hall on Thursday, May 22nd. This is an annual event organized by OSAA, where 18 countries including Korea, USA, China, UK, France and other countries showcase their traditional cuisine and […]

Lecture at Rotary Club of Ottawa

On Monday May 5th, Ambassador Cho Hee-yong spoke at the Rotary Club of Ottawa during the “Rotary Adventure in Citizenship Program” with over 220 high school students in attendance, representing all regions across Canada. Ambassador Cho inspired the young students to become future leaders of Canada by talking […]

Bongsan Mask Dance

The cultural activity of the King Sejong Institute in Ottawa (KSIO) was held at the auditorium of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea on Wednesday, April 23rd at 5 p.m. During the activity titled “Bongsan Mask Dance,” sixty participants enjoyed making their own Bongsan masks and learning […]