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Sandra Oh to Leave Grey’s Anatomy

Dr. Cristina Yang is played by Canadian/Korean actress, Sandra Oh. Sandra Oh will be leaving the hit TV show, Grey’s Anatomy after ten seasons. Oh currently plays Dr. Cristina Yang, who is a cardiothoracic surgical fellow and best friend to main character, Meredith Grey. Yang is of Korean […]

Korea-Canada FTA is not so “cool” anymore

It has been a couple months since the Canadian and Korean governments announced the signing of Korea-Canada FTA (“KCFTA”). Later in March, the Canadian government published “Final Agreement Summary.” In the absence of an actual text, or even a draft text, currently, this Summary is the best available information that exists regarding […]

artwork by Sun K. Kwak

How To See Things Differently

I find myself constantly amazed at Korean modern artists and their unique perception of the world. Their preoccupation with notions of space and physics defy the limitations of art while at the same time creating a bridge between the flexibility of artistic thinking and scientific method. A refreshing […]

Restaurant Review: Boom Beer

What’s better than fried chicken? Korean Fried Chicken! If you ever had fried chicken in Korea, you know it tastes nothing like KFC or any other fast-food chains that offer it, here in Canada. There are Korean pubs or restaurants that offer Korean-style chicken, but many times it can […]

Oppan Canada Style

I know, I know, “Gangnam Style” is so 2012. If you’re like me, hearing it now makes you break out in hives, but you must admit that its rocketing to global popularity the way it did was a social phenomenon that no one saw coming. I’m convinced that […]

Korea and Australia formally signs a FTA

Less than a month after the announcement of completion of Korea-Canada, Korea on April 8, 2014, announced a formal signage of Korea-Australia FTA (“KAFTA”). The full text of the agreement can be found at Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website. What are the implications of this deal, which was […]

Jee Young Lee

Who Needs Photoshop?

In the light of the strongly debated overly photoshopped imagery out there, Jee Young Lee’s photography comes in like a breath of fresh air. The recent Seoul Hongik University graduate is presently considered one of the most promising and talked about modern Korean artists, differentiating herself from the […]

Teen Top in Toronto: RECAP

Hello readers! Welcome to another concert feature for the blog. This time around, it’s an extra special edition, as the City of Toronto welcomes back for the 2nd time – the members of K-pop boy band TEEN TOP. On the last stop of their North American tour “HIGH […]