Hockey in Korea

I still get the Canadian Embassy in Seoul‚Äôs e-Newsletter even though I‚Äôve been back in Canada for four years now (wow, it‚Äôs exactly four years!), mainly to stay in touch with things happening there. One of the articles in the last issue caught my attention and led to […]

“Cheondoong:” The Beats of the World

“Cheondoong” originated in 2004 at St. Andrew Kim Catholic Church. The association is founded by Master Kim Sung Il, who recognized the need to recruit dedicated individuals to perform Korean music in Canada. In 2008, the organization officially debuted as ‚ÄúCheondoong Performing Arts Society‚ÄĚ and known for Korean […]

Recycling in Korea

While growing up in Canada, I was encouraged and taught to recycle by guest speakers from environmental and government organizations. Recycling was so strongly emphasized during my youth education that even today, as a young adult, I am reluctant to dispose an empty can of pop into a […]

Authentic Korean Eats on the Rock

Kwon Ji Sook ‚Äď J Korean owner and self-proclaimed honorary Newfoundlander ‚Äď pays attention to the little things: perfectly folded napkins that rest below finely polished metal chopsticks, a decor that‚Äôs traditional yet modern, classical music rhythmically filling the delicious-smelling air. Kwon Ji Sook (Julia Kwon) opened J […]

8,000 Kms apart (Pt. 2)

(All the graphs and statistical/empirical studies presented below are taken from Alexandre Gauthier & Katie Meredith, “Canadian Trade and Investment Activity: Canada-South Korea”, (Ottawa: Library of Parliament¬†Research Publication, August 15, 2011),¬†online: <;). As a reminder, I ended my last blog with discussion of Korea-Canada trade in goods. We […]

Knowing your Roots

I arrived in Canada in 1976, greeted by my Canadian family, composed of my mother, a homemaker, and my father, a mechanical engineer, both in their late-20s, and my two brothers, who were four and eight at the time. I, along with a handful of other Korean babies […]

Top 5 coréen au Québec

¬† ¬†¬† ¬† ¬†¬† ¬† Cette semaine, j’ai demand√© √† plusieurs personnes qui demeurent au Qu√©bec ce qu’elles connaissaient de la culture cor√©enne. Au total plus de 100 personnes ont r√©pondu √† cette question, la plupart √† travers mes m√©dias sociaux, le reste √† travers des connaissances et […]

The Hallyu Wave Part 1: Why?

Being born, raised and currently living my teenage years here in Canada has given me the opportunity to diversify my interests. A common interest myself and many of my friends have is Kpop, to be more general, the Hallyu Wave, also¬†referred¬†to as the Korean Wave. When I first […]

A Welcome Patch

Outside of my English-speaking circle of friends, through a cluster of Indian and Pakistani merchants, over a bridge, and due north, can be found a patch of Korean shops and services known in Metro Vancouver as ‚ÄúKoreatown‚ÄĚ. It stretches down both sides of North Road, hemmed in by […]

What does the national flag mean to you?

With pleasant cheers of encouragement, the audience breaks into rapturous applause as the athletes grandly enter the stadium. Each player has different appearance, different personality, and different background, but they have one thing in common: a small flag on their chest.