Le Broadway coréen

Qu’est-ce qui combine la fougue du cirque, la richesse musicale d’un concert et la fascination l’interprétation théâtrale? Une comédie musicale vous l’aurez deviné. Mais avez-vous déjà assisté à un spectacle qui, en plus de réunir tous ces aspects, fait participer le spectateur et étale les beautés de la […]


Ahhh yes, a typical sight on the streets of Seoul. Clusters of customers gathering around food vendors day and night. It’s truly one of the most wonderful cultural aspects of the city. Today we gather around the mixed skewer. Some of Korea’s most beloved and traditional street foods […]

Mandu Quick & Easy!

When we lived in Korea, our family (My mother in law, father in law, sister in law, husband and I) would spend an afternoon, a couple of times a year, to make homemade mandu (dumplings), and oh they were good.  We would usually end up making about a […]

Kick Start 2013 (Literally)

With a brand-spanking new year comes some rather recycled goals and resolutions: some want to become more productive, others more positive but the majority of the Western world wants to get fit, lose weight or at least work off the chocolate that was consumed over the holidays. Whatever […]

Ddeok Guk Makes You One Year Older

Every year on Seollal/설날 (Korean Lunar New Year), Koreans eat ddeok guk/떡국, which is a rice cake soup.  While living in Korea, we would travel to Osan to my husband’s grandmother’s house where we would prepare special New Year’s foods for two days.  The main dish, and arguably the […]

A Friendly Relation-ship

As the new year dawns, for football fans 2013 marks the halfway point to the next World Cup to be held in Brazil. While Canada’s side has already been eliminated in embarrassing fashion, the Republic of Korea team seems to be well on course to qualify for its […]

The Owl of Minerva Mississauga

Just open as of March this year, the Owl of Minerva in Mississauga is the first of its franchise to branch into this side of the GTA. I’m not entirely sure there’s a Korean in Toronto who doesn’t know of this restaurant, but I sure think there’s a […]