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Alex’s Stories From Korea: The Parade

Oh, boy. This is embarrassing. I remember saying in my last post I would write another the following week. That was five months ago now. What happened? I actually moved to South Korea and now I’m living and working here as an English teacher, though hopefully I can […]

Let’s Google something? Naver in Korea.

  Pun intended. Korea, well South Korea,  is well-known for its internet connectivity. It is one of the most connected nations in the world, consistently ranking at the top in terms of internet connectivity and internet speed. Since the age of the internet, numerous corporations have taken full advantage, […]

Rememberance Day in Korea (현충일)

On Monday June 6th, 2016, Korea will mark its sixty-first Rememberance Day (현충일). At the 10th hour and at the sound of a siren, Korea will take a minute of silence to honour those who had sacrificed their lives to protect Korea from enemy invasion. In contrast to […]

Who are the Comfort Women?

If your Social Studies and History classes were anything like mine (that is, in the Canadian public school system), chances are, they barely covered Korean history. I do recall my teacher mentioning the Korean War and the resulting division of the peninsula along the 38th parallel, but other than […]

Five K-Beauty Bloggers to Follow

Jeniffer Kim aka meejmuse This Aussie-Korean vlogger has a love for all things beauty. Besides popular make-up tutorials, such as her Taeyeon Day-to-Night Makeup, and her Go-To Korean Look, check out her Seoul street interviews on culture and lifestyle, like What Koreans Really Think of Plastic Surgery. View this post on Instagram So […]

Hanboks are Cool Again

A hanbok is traditional Korean attire that is worn on special occasions. Children will wear a hanbok on their first birthday, and adults will wear it at their wedding, 60th birthday, funerals, festive days, and religious ceremonies. For a woman a hanbok consists of a high-waisted skirt, and […]